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Spend time exploring inner peace and balanced life living. Experience and learn new opportunities for growth with a wide array of yoga, yoga nidra, mindfulness, and happiness workshops. 


Retreats focus on deepening the practice of yoga, connecting to inner strength, and learning how to energize and nurture oneself using yoga and yoga nidra. Yoga is an ancient practice that can be integrated into a busy schedule to promote health, balance, and deeper spiritual awareness in daily life.

Private Yoga

Private yoga & yoga nidra sessions not only help to heal your body, but also help with mindfulness and meditation. This is your opportunity to step away from a modern stressful lifestyle into an experience of deep relaxation and rejuvenation that will leave you feeling balanced and inspired. 

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Experience the inner transformation of one

or all of our workshops, retreats & series. 

• All of our retreat & workshops are  experiential based. 

• Empower yourself and help others.

• Introduce your clients, students, colleagues & friends to new ideas and teachings.

• Be in the presence of like minded people.


Release that which has been holding you back from living your full potential. Start living the life you are meant to live. 


Restore the body, mind & spirit back to a state of equanimity, balance and homeostasis. 


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